Biovita – Forte

  • High energy
  • Growth
  • Fitness
  • Improves Health and Quality of Life
  • Develops Memory Power
  • Old Age

Atharwa Hair Care OIl

  • Atharwa Hair Care Oil with a potent blent of Ayurvedic Herbs in a Deep Penetrating, Base of Virgin Hair Oil.
  • Atharwa Hair Care Oil reduces hair fall nourishes and strengthens hair Roots. Prevents and HEals, scalp Disordes
  • Atharwa Hair Care Oil Cools the Head & Eyes

FEME- Norm – Syrup

  • Menorrhagia I Metrorrhgia I Dysmenorrhoea I Leucorrhoea
  • Bacterial or fungal Cervical Infection Vaginal Leucorrhoea
  • Protection from infection before Surgery in lower genital system other Obstetrical Disorders

Fem – Glow

  • Atharwa Ayuevedic Fem Glow Skin Protectent Cream and Bath Power for All Types of skins for Clear Glowing fairness, prone to pigmentation, pimples sunburns and marks

Liv – Life – Syrup

  • Patient with liver Disorders ned Your help and a Medicinal liver tonic LIV – LIFE SYRUP
  • Live Life Syrup / Capsules is an excellent adjuvant in V.Hepatitis
  • from V.Hepatitis