Breakthrough Innovations

We promote breakthrough technologies in water treatment, energy-saving industrial products, mines and minerals, semiconductors and more.

Water Treatment

Zero-wastage, chemical free treatment of water for removing contaminants, metals, viruses, pesticides, fungus, and bacteria faster and far more effectively.

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Industrial Power Reduction

Minimize energy usage and maximize performance across a broad range of industrial applications.

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Agriculture and Aquaculture

Low-energy and high performance pumping and aeration solutions.

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Continuous Research

Our continuous research has enabled us to achieve breakthrough innovations in multiple fields with the potential to benefit multiple industries. 

Strong Relationships

Our focus on real and immediate industry problems has helped us forge strong relationships across public and private institutions in India and abroad. 

100+ Patents Filed

As a result of our research focus, we hold an extensive portfolio of patents and proprietary processes in areas as diverse as photonics and industrial agitators.

Trusted Consultants

With our decade and a half experience in consulting, we are trusted by a growing number of customers delivering best-of-class business value.